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Our Story

Did you know that Singapore imports over 90% of our food supply? When we buy food from overseas, we are also paying for the labour used to grow and harvest them, and the fuel to fly them over to us. This makes us vulnerable to rising food prices and external food safety incidents, while also leaving a greater carbon footprint on our environment. To contribute to Singapore’s food security and to reduce our food miles, we launched Just Produce to bring you vegetables grown right here in our local urban farms.

Original, Natural Taste

At Just Produce, we promise to be the simplest and most straightforward choice in the market by bringing you locally-grown vegetables just as it is, and just for you. When you choose Just Produce, you are choosing the freshest, most nutritious and flavourful vegetables, nurtured with you in mind. We use our knowledge and experience in crop science and engineering to grow our vegetables, so that we can maximize their freshness, retain their nutritional levels and accentuate their natural flavours. We believe in the original, natural taste of our produce, and this means that we don’t use any pesticides, preservatives or genetic modification. By lovingly nurturing our vegetables in optimal environments, we bring out their natural goodness for you to enjoy, just as it is.

Grown in Singapore

Being locally-based also helps us guarantee that our vegetables meet safety and nutritional standards, so that we can deliver them to you, fresh off the farm. You reduce your food miles, ensure a longer shelf life for your vegetables, and maintain their crisp and crunchy texture (that you love) - it’s a win-win-win! Say good-bye to frequent trips to the market, and spend more time with your loved ones instead. By constantly innovating and improving, we make it easy for you to enjoy the vegetables (fruits) of our labour. Just Produce promises to continue providing the freshest, most nutritious and tastiest local produce, just as it is, and just for you.

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GMO Free

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No Pesticides

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Nurturing their Growth

Our plants can be fussy when it comes to their growing surroundings. Much like Goldilocks, they do not like it too hot or too cold, they love it just right. Thus, the plants were nurtured carefully in a climate-controlled environment, where the temperature is just right for them to grow in. We also integrated LED lights into our growing system to provide the plants with ample light to photosynthesise.

Guaranteed Freshness

Harvested daily by our dedicated farmers for you to savour your ultra-fresh and ultra-nutritious salad any time, any where.

With our farm situated right here in Singapore, we are able to prolong the produces' freshness and maximise your experience.

From our farm to your table, within days.

No extra "Add-ons"

We provide only the necessary sustenance that the plants need to grow healthily. That means…

  • Pesticide-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Preservative-free
  • Grown with love